Shower Trays

shower trays

Shower Trays

Contract Stone shower trays combine design, quality and functionality to create easy-access spaces where water and wellness come together, making the shower a comfortable environment with unique decorative characteristics.

Functional and adaptable shower trays

In addition to contributing towards the practicality and safety of the shower space, Contract Stone shower trays can be adapted to all kinds of special requirements, meaning different solutions can be incorporated for the user’s needs.

Among the different product ranges, you’ll find shower trays made of acrylic, , ceramic or enameled steel and in small, large and extra-large sizes—a wide range of materials and sizes to match different types of projects and offer the optimum shower solution.

Line, Land and Shower Deck series

The Line series of shower trays is the solution for showers installed at ground level, a trending option that provides extra ease of access to the shower area. The principle characteristic of these extra-thin trays is that they are manufactured with high quality-materials to give them excellent mechanical properties.

Land shower plates are the perfect option for making the change from a bath to a functional shower. This series includes optional panels with the same texture, colour and format as the tray, allowing the wall to be decorated in the space previously occupied by the bath.
Shower Deck enables you to create the illusion of an invisible shower tray, as installation is carried out underneath the tiles, creating the feeling of a shower spaces that seamlessly continues on from the surrounding floor tiling.

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